I know a lot of BlackBerry users out there have been waiting for Skype to drop their official BlackBerry client. Thinking back, it was March 2009 when word surfaced that a client would be coming and at the time it was supposed to be available only a few months later. Here we are, now into 2010, and we're still waiting for it. As I walked passed the Skype booth I fired up the camera and grabbed a quick update. The word? Not what I was hoping for. I got the good 'ole It's in the works, it's an important platform for us, keep waiting answer.

But hey, at least we know it will show up one day. In the meantime, you can still check out IM+ for Skype by Shape Services. Bla1ze did an updated review of it recently - you can check it out to see his take on where they're at with it.