With the stock up after yesterday's earnings announcement, BlackBerry is in the news today. CNBC has been has been hot on the Research In Motion coverage, hitting it from every angle. They interviewed CEO Thorsten Heins. They've spoken to analysts about the numbers. And they followed up with yours truly to get the perspective of the BlackBerry fan base.

You can check out my interview with Squawk on the Street's Carl Quintanilla at the link above. We cover a lot of ground in 6 minutes, including of course, THE BLACKBERRY 10. It's funny. I still don't get why people keep referring to BlackBerry 10 as "THE BlackBerry 10". It's not like anybody ever called it THE BlackBerry 6 or THE BlackBerry 7. But whatever the reason, it's kind of starting of grow on me. Carl even freshened it up by dropping the BB and just calling it "The Ten". Liking that! The Ten. It's more than a phone. It's more than a platform. It's a way of life! :)

Enjoy the show! Sound off in the comments and be sure to spread this link around to everyone you know. 

Source: CNBC