Arrested Development

Gob does his MagicI'm a huge, HUGE fan of the TV show Arrested Development. If you've never seen it, start at episode one and you will quickly become addicted and watch the whole series (sadly, for some dumb, DUMB reason it was cancelled after three seasons).

And if you ARE a fan of Arrested Development, you are going to love the ringtone that popped up in's user contributed ringtone gallery this week. That's right - it's George Oscar Bluth(a.k.a Gob)'s theme song which he performs all of his magic tricks..ermm...I mean ILLUSIONS to - The Final Countdown! You can preview it and download it for free! I bust into the Gob dance everytime my BlackBerry rings...I LOVE it!

Listen to and Download Gob's Ringtone
(The Final Countdown)