BlackBerry Tour Accessories

Last week we ran an article here on the blogs called Must Have Accessories for the BlackBerry Tour Owner. The article got a great response, with hundreds upon hundreds of members listing their personal top-five list. If you haven't checked it out, you should - it'll definitely contribute to making your own hit list of accessories to purchase. In the weeks ahead we'll be following up with more articles that dig down a bit deeper into realm of accessories - what to look for in a case, the ins and outs of going hands-free, reviews of the most-popular accessories, etc. etc.

In the meantime, with that Must Have Tour Accessories article we promised one lucky CrackBerry member a $100 coupon for accessories to the store. The lucky winner is Hywelbane who's top five favorites were:

1. BlackBerry Charging Pod (Who knew these were so popular?)
2. Bluetooth Headset (Currently an Aliph Jawbone, but eyeing up a Blueant Q1)
3. 8 or 16GB MicroSD card
4. BlackBerry Skin
5. Invisible Shield screen film

Big congrats to Hywelbane! And to everybody else... thanks for participating. You know another chance to win something good from CrackBerry is always just around the corner.