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Want to follow #TEAMBLACKBERRY on twitter, but you're not sure where to begin? Don't worry, @crackberry has you covered with our new RIM People on Twitter List!

Beyond the official @blackberry and @blackberrydev accounts, these days you can find plenty of Research In Motion employees on twitter. And to save you the trouble of trying to hunt down everybody, we've put together a list and will be growing it and keeping it up to date.

To get the tweets rolling, we've selected the most-active RIM tweeters that we know the best - lots of the folks on the list are the ones we talk to regularly and get to see at events like BlackBerry World and BlackBerry Jam. 

And in case you're wondering, no, RIM's CEO Thorsten Heins is not yet on twitter, but we're sure hoping he puts that @blackberryceo handle to use soon. Hit up the link for low to see the twitter list, and keep reading for the full by group and title breakdown. 

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Developers & Developer Relations

@asaunders Alec Saunders Vice President, Developer Relations
@bobtaniguchi Bob Taniguchi Senior Director BlackBerry Evangelism 
@ajeppsson Anders Jeppsson Head Gaming
@n_adam_stanley Adam Stanley Team Lead, Developer Relations
@brcewane Tim Neil Director, Application Platform & Tools Product Management
@peterptng Peter Ng  Biz/Dev, Apps Team 
@berryvic Victoria Berry Senior Manager PR and Social
@alexkinsella Alex Kinsella Developer Relations
@itssamlowe Sam Lowe  Developer Relations
@bzubert  Brian Zubert Developer Relations 
@devrelemea William Vablais  Head of Developer Relations EMEA 
@mdwrim Martin Woolley Sr. Application Development Consultant EMEA, NFC Specialist
@jcmrim John Murray Sr. Application Development Consultant EMEA, NFC Specialist
@ERahnen Erin Rahnenfuehrer  Application Development Consultant 
@melle Melanie Baker  Community Manager, Developer Relations 
@bryantafel Bryan Tafel Developer Evangelist
@demianborba Demian Borba Developer Evangelist
@filos Luca Filigheddu  Developer Evangelist
@party_pat Patrick Mollins Developer Evangelist
@blackberryluca Luca Sale  Developer Evangelist 
@ddluk Łukasz Dzierżak  Developer Evangelist 
@chadtatro Chad Tetreault Developer Relations
@AshNazir Ash Nazir  Developer Relations 

BlackBerry Blogs & Events

@DonnyHalliwell Don Halliwell Blog Manager
@evanthor Evan Thor Content Manager
@luke_reimer Luke Reimer Business Blog
@TyWilliamsCA  Ty Williams  Help Blog 

PR, Marketing & Communications

@robinbienfait Robin Bienfait  CIO 
@HeidiDavidson Heidi Davidson Senior VP, Corporate Communications
@gadway Jeff Gadway Sr. Manager, BlackBerry 10 Product Marketing
@KiyomiRutledge Kiyomi Rutledge Public Relations Manager
@Patti_McK Patti McKague Director, Communications and Marketing
@TenilleKennedy Tenille Kennedy Philanthropy and Communications Relations
@BlackBerry_Amy Amy Jones Senior Director, Global Corporate Communications
@churley Carolyn Hurley Social Media
@jlpitts Jen Pitts Marketing Manager - BBM Team
@kerribirtch Kerri Birtch Social Media Manager
@melaniemasson Melanie Masson Social Media Manager
@Theolip Oliver Pilgerstorfer PR and Communications
@veronchiquita Veronica Orzechowski  PR and Social Media
@_michaelpereira Michael Pereira  Infrastructure Manager, Digital Marketing 
@PascalRivette Pascal Rivette  NOC - Communications Administrator  

Product & Software 

@MichaelClewley Michael Clewley Director, Handheld Software Product Management
@vik_1on1 Vivek Bhardwaj Head of Software Portfolio
@sebmarineau Sebastien Marineau  Head of BlackBerry OS
@gehr Gary Klassen  Principle Architect, BlackBerry (& Inventor of BBM!)
@juliandolce Julian Dolce Platform Lead, QNX
@QNX_Paul Paul Leroux PR Manager, QNX
@mrmstaikos Matt Staikos Matt from the Browser Team at RIM
@petervalin Peter Valin  Manager, App World 
@EvgueniaPopova Evguenia Popova  App World Marketing 
@pelegri Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart  Sr. Director for Open Source 
@DerekAlldritt Derek Alldritt Web Infrastructure Architect
@cleerox Claude Leroux  Team Lead, Service Manager Relay & PSM 
@sdlmcveigh Sean McVeigh  Software Developer, QNX 
@ScottDeckers Scott Deckers Carrier Product Manager
@alexbowker Alex Bowker Ecosystem Business Development

Honorary RIM Person to Follow

@herrlesmarket Trevor Herrle Owner of Herrle's Country Market in Waterloo, a RIM employee favorite. Trevor loves BlackBerry almost as much as I do!

* Note to RIM People on Twitter - If you're not on the list and want to be here (or are on the list and don't want to be here) or we've screwed up your job title or anything like that and want it fixed, just send us a DM to @crackberry or email to [email protected] 

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