Twitch Arcade by Munsie

If you're looking for an arcade game for your PlayBook then why not try seven? Munsie, the developers behind the popular game Bubafish, recently released an awesome multi-game app for the BlackBerry PlayBook called Twitch Arcade that gives you seven games for the price of one. Best part is all updates and any future added games are 100% FREE! I think that's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. All titles can be played offline, although you'll need a connection to share your scores on Facebook, and focus on their simple and easy to learn matching and shooting games. All I can say is I'm hooked.

Twitch Arcade Features:

  • Local and online scores
  • Share your top scores on Facebook and Twitter
  • 100% NO ADS
  • All games unlocked, play any game, any time
  • No downloading from the internet, games come pre-installed

Twitch Arcade v.1.3.0 comes with the following games:

  • CarChaos
  • Ballies
  • GemClixBlitz
  • BallieBuster
  • PopcornRushClassic
  • BalloonPop
  • BalliesShoot

Twitch Arcade is only $2.99 at BlackBerry App World and with the added bonus of getting future games for free I say you should go for it. These games are blast to play, offer great speed and performance, and are perfect for those times when you need a quick diversion. Did I mention how hard it is to put these down? Now if you'll excuse me I have to pop some kernels and cause some chaos.

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