Multiplied Media or better known as Poynt to BlackBerry users have unveiled some new offerings to buisness owners out there looking to capture more of an audience. The system, which was unveiled at DEMO 2010 allows business owners to target Poynt users and offer them special deals and coupons based on their usage of Poynt. Say you want to search for a local restaurant and one the restaurants in the area is making use of the offer engine in place by Poynt, you can now get a special deal from that restaurant owner for say $5 off your meal if you go there. As the press releases defines it"

The Offer Engine is an easy-to-use, location aware turnkey advertising service that merchants large and small can utilize to set up just-in-time offers, specials and coupons to attract local consumers via their mobile phone.

The Poynt Offer Engine addresses the needs of the local merchant, from small businesses to multi-location national brands. Each can now effectively present offers in a simple, relevant and local manner. The Offer Engine uses our patented geo-fencing technology to deliver offers within a pre-defined geographic area, as determined by the merchant. When a customer moves into the geo-fenced area, they trigger offers to be delivered where and when they are looking to make a purchase. The consumer receives the ad when they are within the offer radius, but it is only once the consumer is in close proximity to the merchant’s business that the offer is activated and can be redeemed.

The Multiplied Media engine is friendly for end users and businesses alike. Users get the advantage of discounts and coupons while businesses get their marketing out there to consumers all while using a system which allows them to track metrics of how well they are doing. It's useful and beneficial advertising.

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