Multiple admin feature for BBM Channels now available

Back at the beginning of March, BlackBerry pushed out an update to BBM and one of the highlights of that specific release was a mention of the ability to have multiple BBM Channel contributors through the BBM Channels online portal. For whatever reason, that function never appeared, and it was never mentioned again. That left many people wondering where it went and while we still don't have an answer for that, it has now finally gone live. As expected, it's fairly easy to add a new contributor to your channel.

  • Just access the BBM Channels manager portal on the web
  • From there pick a channel to allow access to and then click on the person icon in the top right.
  • Fill in the info for the user you wish to add such as their name and email.
  • They'll get sent an invitation email that they must click on and sign into their BBID with.
  • Once accepted, you'll be able to select them from the list of administrators as shown in the image above.

I was able to successfully change around several channels, but 2 or 3 of them took a few attempts, so it might still be working its way through but I did manage to get them all switched so it's certainly there and accessible. Adding your own admins? If so, let us know how it works out for you.