As part of my daily routine I like to check news updates from various sources. Rather than visit each site i prefer going through the RSS feeds on my BlackBerry. while there are quite a few on the market each with their own specific feature set, such as RSS Hub and Feedminder, multiFEED is the latest to hit the store with plenty of capabilities for all your RSS and Atom subscription needs. 

Upon launching the application there are a couple of things that stand out. First is that the layout organizes them in an easy to read fashion with the thumbnail image on one side and the headline on the other. The other, is that the developer has chosen to pre-populate this version of the application with a few feeds to get your started. As it happens, CrackBerry is right at the top with it's signature orange color.

The reason for this is that it offers a bit of customization for your feeds. By going into settings you may adjust the headline color, the appearance of thumbnails, data and time format, set refresh intervals, add tags, and share with the Remember application. If you dive further into the individual feed's settings you may also adjust the auto zoom and even use slider bars to create your own custom headline color.

Feeds are added by going into settings and using one of the available slots. The free version limits the number, while the full premium version allows for 50 feeds as well as room for subfeeds. It uses a dedicated browser to find and select the RSS and Atom feeds, or FeedFinder as it is called. This browser defaults to the Google search but simply navigate to the URL and it will detect the available feeds. From there it allows you to choose and subscribe to the one selected upon loading. If there is an issue, multiFEED will automatically alert you with a message in the Hub. One of the useful features is that after inputting all of your feeds there is an option to backup/restore.

With any RSS reader it all comes down to how it looks visually. multiFEED does not offer a reader mode per se (it displays the embedded article), but it does allow for the view to automatically adapt the article to fit the screen size for easy reading. To read the full article simply tap on the QuickView button to view within the application or the browser button to open in the BlackBerry browser. Articles load quickly and it flows nicely between all the screens without any lag. 

While the application is free to download and use with limited functionality, there are two in-app upgrades available. There is a standard $.99 one which does not come with preset feeds or the ability to aggregate feeds, and the premium full version shown in the video for $2.99. If you are looking to read your feeds on the go from your BlackBerry device this is certainly one to check out.

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