Stay focused with multiCRON for BlackBerry 10

Being able to juggle the various tasks for home and work is not easy. Time Management is one area in which I sometimes struggle with. There are several techniques available such as Pomodoro, which employ the use of timed intervals. By breaking down our tasks into manageable time periods, we free ourselves from being distracted until the job is done. For one BlackBerry 10 developer, they took this concept to the next level with multiCRON. It is the ultimate process timer for home, work, cooking, exercise, etc. by using multiple timed intervals and sequences.

When using multiCRON you have the option of creating a new sequence or selecting a system template (which includes Pomodoro). When using a blank template, you set the sequence and the intervals according to the task(s) at hand. You can create as many intervals as you need and can set the duration, interval and starting text, completion sound, and color.


  • Each sequence consists of one or many highly-accurate intervals of varying duration
  • Large numeric sequence and interval countdown display for easy viewing of running timers even when your BlackBerry is not right next to you
  • Run as many sequence timers concurrently as you wish, each with its own alarms and popup messages. (e.g. time multiple dishes in a complicated meal preparation independently)
  • Predefined system templates for productivity enhancement (e.g. Pomodoro, 52/17), concrete/mortar/grout mixing, egg boiling, etc.
  • Any sequence can be saved as a user template for creating other similar sequences.
  • Can keep display from sleeping when the foreground sequence is running. Allows for hands-free viewing of long sequences while doing messy timed jobs such as cooking or mixing mortar
  • Interval message popups can display even when multiCRON is backgrounded using BlackBerry 10 Instant Previews (OS 10.2+ only)
  • Sequences can include text to display when the sequence is not running (useful as a reminder of what the sequence is for, what to do before starting it, etc.)
  • Any saved sequence can be configured to open automatically when multiCRON is started
  • Active Frame allows you to monitor sequence and interval countdown from your BlackBerry home screen.

Each interval in a sequence can be set with:

  • The duration of the interval in hours, minutes, and seconds
  • A message to display before the interval runs and which waits for user confirmation before continuing
  • Text to display onscreen while the interval is running so you know where in the sequence countdown you are
  • A color to display onscreen while the interval is running, making it easy to tell which interval is active from a distance
  • Selectable alarm sounds to play when the interval finishes
  • Text to display in a popup when the interval finishes

multiCRON is an easy-to-use full-featured app designed to keep you focused on the task at hand. For me, I have a short attention span but have been using this native app to set time intervals for studying for my next insurance designation exam. I set the time needed to review and comprehend each chapter, as well as, a much needed break to check my BlackBerry.

You can download multiCRON from BlackBerry World as a free trial. The full version is $1.99 as an in-app purchase.

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