If you're having some trouble deciding between the BlackBerry KEYone and the all-new BlackBerry Motion, the latest video from MrMobile might help give you some direction. In the notably rare comparison video, MrMobile takes a look at both devices and what they offer individually.

In 2017 more so than ever before, taking a keyboard off a BlackBerry makes it just another smartphone. On the other hand, the new BlackBerry Motion packs a huge battery, a larger screen and some of the best security in the Android world – on top of being the first water- and dust-resistant BlackBerry ever. How much does that matter in light of the loss of its halo feature? Depends on how badly you need a physical keyboard.

Give the video a watch and once you're done, let us know your thoughts in the comments. While avoiding spoilers, let me say that I agree with MrMobile in some areas here but I'm saving the full thoughts for the review I have upcoming along with some input from Kevin.

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