Block and record telephone conversations with Mr. Call for BlackBerry 10

When it comes to native BlackBerry 10 call blocking apps we've seen our fair share, but bare with me with this one because Mr. Call can also record the telephone conversations you instruct it to which is kind of interesting.

I'm not sure where we stand legally in terms of recording conversations, and I suspect that may well vary from country to country but that's only one feature with Mr. Call.

At the time of publishing Mr. Call is only supporting BlackBerry 10.3 so unless you are lucky enough to be rocking a BlackBerry Passport or the P'9983 you're going to have to add this one to your wish list for the near future I'm afraid .

Unlike others you don't need to switch between screens for setup and recording calls. It is the perfect call manager for your loving BlackBerry 10 device.

Features of Mr. Call include:

  • Call blocking feature is totally free even in trial version, so users can use it for free.

  • Headless app, that means, it works smoothly in background without any irritating pop-ups.

  • Very practical and simple design. Users can easily set rules to filter (block or allow) calls based on filters as All, Phonebook only, Whitelist, Blacklist

  • Blocked calls are logged inside App and show LED notification is user's preferred colour.

  • Records calls for later reference.

  • Users can export and take backup of their recordings on external card.

  • Very low on memory

The best news about Mr. Call is that you can download it for free. There is an in-app purchase available for the full version as the free one will only allow you to record for up to thirty seconds. Worth testing out though don't you think? If you give it, a go let us know what you think? The developer would welcome any feedback.

More information/Download Mr. Call for BlackBerry 10