We've seen the BlackBerry Police Cruiser and all of its awesome BlackBerry PlayBook powered goodies time and time again, and now Mobile Innovations President Gary Bauer is hitting the road with a portable version of the same gadgets. The MPACaseMaker is a 20lb Pelican hard-case that incorporates all of the tech found in the cruiser and makes it available to other services as well. Bauer says it can be used by "any type of work truck" - EMS, fire, ambulances, municipal vehicles and many more. Included in the case is a PlayBook, keyboard, drivers license scanner, magstripe scanner, printer and power supply. The entire package runs around $2500, which is a pretty good deal since you can easily move the case from place to place and one vehicle to another. Check out the video above for more and be sure to hit the forums for some discussion.

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