When it comes to movies and television my mind is a receptacle for all sorts of information that has no bearing in the real world. That being said, discovering The Movie Quiz Game by XLabz Technologies was right up my alley.

It is a simple yet enjoyable game that presents users with morphed movie posters from hundreds of popular films. It’s your job to remember and enter in the corresponding title for each one. Sounds easy right? Keep on reading to find out.

Being the movie buff that I am, I was up to the challenge to see if The Movie Quiz Game could keep me guessing. The beginner levels are free, with additional movie packs as in-app purchases, and are filled with slightly distorted movie posters from all different genres and eras. As some films tend to use similar imagery in their posters, not all can be guessed on the first try. Good news is if you’re stumped they offer three hints for every poster. There is also no fear of running out of hints as they are either awarded for correct responses or are available for purchase.

Scores are determined by several factors: the time/speed in which you take to answer, wrong guesses entered, hints used, etc. So be sure you submit it right on the first try to obtain the maximum number. Keep in mind that spelling plays an important part and you must be exact in order for it to register as a correct guess. Although when guessing a film in a series (i.e. Indiana Jones, Iron Man), those names were accepted without issue. When a majority of answers are found, a new and more difficult level unlocks.


  • 5 free levels with 30 movies in each level
  • Each level has a mix of specially morphed movie posters across all genres and films from different periods of time
  • 5 movie packs with movies from specific genres with 50 movies each, which can be bought as in-app purchases: Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi, Animation and Teen
  • Help options like Hints, Ask Facebook and Twitter friends and Resolve.
  • Users can earn hints as they keep playing and can also buy hint packs as in-app purchases

New features v2.0.0.2

  • Added 3 new free levels
  • Added 5 new themed levels - Family, Horror, Romance, Sports, and War
  • Buy 100 hints now for just $1.99 (previously $2.99)
  • Buy 200 hints for $2.99
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

If you are searching for a quick game that is entertaining and tests your film knowledge then this is for you. Even die hard movie buffs will find themselves tapping on the hint button.

Available for both the BlackBerry PlayBook and Z10 be sure to check it out at the link below as a FREE download. Additional packs are $0.99 and include 50 movie posters each without repeats.

More information/download The Movie Quiz Game

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