movy.tvMovidity's has been around for a few months now, and they seem to finally have the kinks worked out to support Blackberry devices (Press Release after the jump). A YouTube of sorts for mobile devices, allows users to upload and stream multimedia content on cell phone, PDAs, BlackBerrys and other supported devices. totes itself at "The worlds first and only cross-platform multimedia mobilization system for both consumers and corporate enterprise."  It goes above and beyond just audio and video streaming, allowing users to view archived media as well as live streams. More info can be found after the jump and at


Movidity Expands Multimedia and Mobile Video Solutions for BlackBerry Smartphones

March 11, 2008--TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--LogoVision Wireless(LV)/Movidity, a leading developer of basic codec and streaming technologies for mobile clients, which permit specialized mobile user interactive control of transmission, display and media content, is expanding its applications for the BlackBerry® wireless solution from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq:RIMM)(TSX:RIM).

Several LV products run on the BlackBerry® 8700, BlackBerry® 8800, BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8100 and BlackBerry® Curve™ 8300 series smartphones. The LV solution includes interactive mobile video dbms and User Generated Content (“”), enterprise mobile video (MMES), camera phone streaming (MC2) and large-scale live MultiFeed surveillance (MLSS).

The generic LV Player is a highly optimized, downloadable java midlet, providing optimized video decoding on a BlackBerry smartphone or uses the embedded player. The LV Linux server technologies provide dynamic adaptive bitrate encoding of live or archived multimedia.

LV's technologies provide globally accessible, mobile multimedia streaming services. uses concepts of UGC for archived and live media. content is searchable through tags, titles, private Groups and corporate Portals. MMES include database, encoding, and mobile transmission. MC2 camera phone and MLSS pertain to volume and mobile video applications for live streaming. These applications require no mobile content authorship; mobile transcoding of existing multimedia content is automatic, and dynamic for broadcast and surveillance streaming, and optimized on BlackBerry smartphones. See

“Over the next 5 years, we project growth rates of over 25 percent for specific categories of multimedia content, such as mobile video and music. While most of the current demand for mobile multimedia content has been driven by the consumer market, we expect that the enterprise demand to view multimedia will increase as more enterprises expand their use of video applications and mobilize their employees,” said Sharon Ballard, Senior Analyst at Yankee Group. “Movidity running on BlackBerry smartphones will enable customers to create interactive mobile multimedia applications.”

About Movidity/LogoVision Wireless Inc.
The LV multimedia system integrates software elements that perform instant transcoding, and transmission to mobile devices. LV leverages highly advanced mathematical algorithms for mobile video, and novel, but standard transmission methods to provide quality video, audio and interactive to mobile clients. Cross-compatible for GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, EVDO, WIFI and i-mode networks. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, LV products are available to mobile device manufacturers, wireless service providers, entertainment broadcasters and corporations requiring mobile VOD. Movidity Inc ( is the commercializing wing of LogoVision.

Movidity, Multimedia Mobility and Media Objects are registered trademarks of Movidity Inc.; MMES, MC2, and MLSS use propriety processes and software developed by LogoVision Wireless Inc,. Patent protection has been applied in the US and through PCT.

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