Hit play on the video below and be amazed!

We're ten days into November as I type this, which means ten days into Movember and my quest to grow a moustache and raise funds for Prostate cancer research (and other men's health issues).

A third of the way into Movember I was hoping to have a pretty sweet 'stache by now, but to be honest, it's still pretty pathetic. So I took to twitter earlier today and asked if there were any foods I could eat that would help encourage my facial hair growth. 

A few seconds later good 'ol Derek Kessler, the Editor in Chief of our sister site webOS Nation, was quick to reply with his advice... eat a raw onion. Derek is a smart guy, and I had heard similar moustache-growing advice from Nick Offerman, so it seemed like the thing to do. I told Derek I'd run to the store and buy a big white onion and eat it raw if he then donated $50 to my Movember campaign. He agreed. And I did. Check out the video above to see how it all went down. Lol. 

The 10k for BlackBerry 10 Challenge: I'd really like to see our Mobile Nations Movember team raise over $10,000 this month for Movember. I've been growing out my hair (the stuff on my head) since April waiting for BlackBerry 10 to launch. I haven't tied that initiative to any fund raising efforts, so we're doing it for Movember. My fiance is now to the point where if I don't get a haircut the engagement is off, but if we raise over $10,000 I think I can ride out the hair growth until BB10 launches. So if you're a BlackBerry fan, a RIM employee or a long time CrackBerry reader, hit the link below and donate. 

Visit my MoBro page and make a donation!