Growing up I loved playing video games. My favorite though happened to be racing games like Pole Position, Mario Kart, or any of the ones at the local arcade including one where you sat on a replica of a motorbike. So it was a no brainer that I had to try Moto X Mayhem by Occamy Games for the BlackBerry PlayBook. It's one of those games that keep you occupied for hours.

Moto X Mayhem is a great game and it feels just right in your hands. Now I admit going from a controller to the accelerometer and touch controls wasn't easy. There's a certain amount of talent and coordination to juggle all the controls at once to get through the course that I definitely lack. I'll just need more practice to master it. However, controls can be mixed and matched to suit your needs. You could choose analog slider controls for the gas/brake and accelerometer for tilting or use touch controls for everything. 

Moto X Mayhem at its core is based on a simple concept: keep yourself balanced on the dirt bike and maneuver through the treacherous terrain to make it to the end of the course in the shortest amount of time. Sounds easy right? Wrong. I think it took me 10 tries just to finish the first stage. Not to mention that every time you fail the course (i.e. crash, fall off your bike, or lose a life) the level resets and a second is added to your overall time. There are only four main levels dubbed islands and each is comprised of 7 courses or stages. For some this means it's a pretty quick game, while for clumsy people like me it's just enough for now.

Overall, Moto X Mayhem is fun and looks and feels real on the PlayBook. It's a physics game so if you go to do a flip but are off you're going to crash. After you crash, you can pick up the driver and throw him around the course like a rag doll. I don't know why they added that but I use it to see the rest of the course ahead of time.

If you're the type of gamer that enjoys a challenge and loves the frustration it causes then this is for you. The other night I almost missed my train stop because I just had to beat the course. Between the nature sounds, clear graphics, and ability to toggle the accelerometer controls, you can't go wrong here. I hope future updates brings the expansion packs available on other platforms. You can pick up Moto X Mayhem in BlackBerry App World for $4.99. 

More information / purchase Moto X Mayhem at BlackBerry App World

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