BlackBerry Bold "U" theme member mothy has been churning out some awesome free BlackBerry themes as of late, and his newest theme, the Bold "U", is really getting some attention.

The Bold "U" theme is available for the Curve/8800 series and offers up a whopping 15 BlackBerry Bold-styled shortcuts around the perimeter of the display, yet leaves a ton of space for viewing cool wallpapers!

Keep in mind this is a Plazmic beta creation, so you can run into glitches (certain shortcuts may not show if you're running OS4.5). Also, the 15 shortcuts in the U are hardcoded (you can't change up the location). But it's free and awesome, so no complaints here! 

This theme is hosted by our friends at They have a ton of free themes at their site so I suggest checking it out! And they are good guys too. They've actually given us a bunch of themes to add to's Free Theme Gallery. Our programmer is working on some revamps to the gallery, so once that's done and all the new free themes are up I'll drop a post to check them out.

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