Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner (for those who may have forgotten -- it's this Sunday, the 13th) and I'm sure some of you are wondering what to get your wonderful BlackBerry toting, tech-loving mother or spouse.

Flowers, candy and spa trips are nice, but other CrackBerry moms like me would also love something new for our most loved addiction accessory. Here's a list of a few great gift ideas for that one remarkable woman who will always love you no matter how many slushies you spill in her car. I decided to break the ideas into several "mom type" categories just to make finding the right gift even easier. Keep reading for our full list of tech gifts for mom!

Tech Gifts for Mother's Day



A shiny new BlackBerry device is always a great way to start off Mother's Day. From the BlackBerry PlayBook to the OS 7 BlackBery Bold or Torch, you are sure to put a huge smile on mom's face no matter which you choose. Keep reading for great accessories and apps that will compliment any new device or even mom's current BlackBerry!

Trendsetter Mom

These gifts are perfect for the mom who is always stepping out in the latest styles. Why not get her a couple so she can match them to her shoes and handbag!

Incipio Cases


No matter which BlackBerry device your mom is rocking, Incipio has a case for it! A variety of colors, smooth finish and durability are just some of the resons why CrackBerry readers love incipio cases and your mom will too!

For More information / purchase Incipio cases

Jawbone Era Headset 

Jawbone Era

Jawbone headsets are some of the top selling bluetooth devices out there. The Era is one of their most comfortable to wear and has superior noise cancellation software. With three different color/pattern choices, one is perfect for mom.

For more information / purchase Jawbone Era

Carrying Solutions

Carrying Solutions

Make sure your trendsetting mom has a great looking pouch to keep her BlackBerry protected when she tosses it in her latest fashion handbag. From side, top or pocket pouches, you'll find one to suit any woman's style.

 For more information / purchase pouches


Trendstop Fashion TrendTracker


This is the app for any fashion trend watching mom. Take a peek at daily fashion news and trends with over 500 catwalk show photo galleries. Mom can even submit her own fashion trend photos.

For more information / download Trendstop Fashion TrendTracker



Domestic Goddess

These accessories and apps will help mom keep her household running smoothly.


Charging Cradles

Free up mom's hands with one of these great cradles. Whether she is cooking or cleaning, mom can dock her BlackBerry and charge it while streaming music or even viewing her online cooking sites.

For more information / purchase Cradles


Recipe Box

Recipe Box

Mom will never have to worry about what to cook for dinner with this great app by Loblaws Inc. Recipe Box for the Blackberry PlayBook  has over 700 recipes that you can tag, add notes and the NEW shopping list feature.

For more information / download Recipe Box



Cleaning Solutions

We all know mom likes everything to be spic and span so why should her BlackBerry treated any differently. Check out's selection of microfiber cloths, cleaning solutions and screen protectors.

For more information / purchase Cleaners


Jawbone Jambox 

Jambox Fitness Month
No matter where mom is in the house or what she's doing, make her video viewing and music playing even more enjoyable. The Jawbone Jambox is a great portable speaker that will fill even the largest room. Mom can listen to her music while cleaning or watch a video while cooking and hear  every syllable.

For more information / purchase Jawbone Jambox



Taxi Mom

For the moms who are always on the go, give them a couple of these great ideas so she can arrive safely and on time.

Bluetooth Headsets

BlueAnt Q2
Keep mom's hands on the wheel while she's out and about.  Mom certain headsets, mom can manage emails, check the weather and even update Facebook. From over the ear and ear buds, these are a great choice for any mom.

For more information / purchase Bluetooth Headsets


Car Chargers

Qmadix Mobile Duo

Make sure mom never has to worry about her battery dying with a charger to use in her car. If mom is a multiple device user, make sure to check out the car chargers with the extra USB slot. 

For more information / purchase Car Chargers


Car Kits

Car Kits

With a car kit, mom's BlackBerry is now the perfect GPS or video player. With dashboard, air vents, headrest or window mounts for practically every model of BlackBerry, mom can use her device for directions or play a movie to distract the little ones in the back seat.

For more information / purchase Car Kits


Vlingo - Virtual Assistant


Vlingo is an all in one personal assistant for mom. She can easily speak her messages while driving and Vlingo will type for her. Mom can even use it to search for local directions or update Facebook. For a limited time all plus/paid features are being offered for FREE!

For more information / download Vlingo


This Mom's Favorites

Like me, some moms have a full or part time job, play taxi, daycare provider, nurse , chef and laundress all while trying to maintain their sanity. These are just a few apps that I couldn't possibly live without.

CrackBerry Forums

CB Forums App
If mom has an issue or needs to find some new apps, send her to the forums! I love being able to search the forums, post responses or just browse around using the CrackBerry Forums app. I think this is a must have on any BlackBerry device for CrackBerry user.

For more information / download CrackBerry Forums


Mobile Checkbook

Mobile Checkbook

The very first app I suggest to anyone is Mobile Checkbook by Mobatech. With this app, mom can manage the household finances quickly and easily. Mobile Checkbook offers a Backup/Restore function as well as an easy export option so mom always has the latest figures.

For more information / purchase Mobile Checkbook


BeWeather (formerly known as BerryWeather)


This is another app that I don't think I could go without. BeWeather is on mine as well as my two oldest children's BlackBerrys. This way we can all easily see what the weather will be like and plan accordingly. Right now, courtesy of BlackBerry, you can get the full version of BeWeather for FREE!

For more information / download BeWeather



ThinkOfMe automatically keeps track and reminds me of all my family and friends birthdays and other special events. TOM pulls all the anniversary and birthday dates from your address book all by itself. A reminder will pop up to call, text or email that person on their special day.

For more information / purchase ThinkOfMe


Key Ring Reward Cards

Key Ring
Free up mom's key ring and toss all those loyalty reward/membership cards. With Key Ring, I can quickly scan my loyalty card at any store, library or quickly view my membership numbers and any special offers. Special offers can even be shared via social networks. Certain stores have scanners that work no problem but for those that don't, you can pull up just the numbers to quickly read off to the attendant.

For more information / download Key Ring Reward Cards 



By now I'm sure everyone knows about Poynt and it's no wonder why. With this handy app you can get directions, purchase tickets, look up businesses, make reservations at restaurants and find the lowest gas prices in town. Poynt is definitely a must have for any mom.

For more information / download Poynt


And for the mom's reading this post, if you see something you really like and just don't think your kiddos or husband will figure it out, treat yourself. Go ahead and get exactly what you want. You deserve it for all your hard work!