Mother's Day Gift Guide 2013

It's that time of year where we celebrate our dearly beloved mothers. Mother's Day is Sunday 12th May, 2013. If you haven't yet gotten your BlackBerry loving mom something yet, perhaps this CrackBerry Gift Guide can help you out. We have everything from devices, accessories and apps, we like to help you out any which way we can. So, you'll be sure to find some inspiration in picking something out for your mom.


BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10

With the full touchscreen BlackBerry 10 device available on most countries worldwide, it is definitely a gift worth looking at. It's large 4.2 inch screen is perfect for taking pictures and videos of the family, reading and browsing. That awesome touchscreen keyboard, with the swipe up to complete, allows moms to truly multitask on the go.

BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry Q10

While the Q10 isn't quite available everywhere yet, it's still an awesome device for you to get your mom where it's available. If your mom is a hardcore physical keyboard fan, then the Q10 is the choice for you.

Accessories -  Cases

CrackBerry Crunk Case

CrackBerry Crunk Case

If your mom is already rocking the BlackBerry Z10, then you might want to look into getting her some cases. Why not the recently launched CrackBerry Crunk Case.

The Crunk case has a slim profile and doesn't add any bulk to the device due to the flexible material it's made of.  It comes in three different colours - black, white and CrackBerry Orange. They retail in at $14.95 but if you can't decide on what colour to get, you can purchase all three colours for $29.95. Then your mom can rock whatever colour she's in the mood for.

For more information / Purchase the CrackBerry Crunk Case
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Poetic Atmosphere Case

Poetic Atmosphere Case

If you're mom wants a case but doesn't want to hide the device, then you should check out the Poetic Atmosphere Case. The case is see-through but adds a touch of colour around the edges. It comes in several colours so you can be choose the perfect colour.

For more information / Purchase the Poetic Atmosphere Case

Mobi Products Soft Shell Case

Mobi Products Soft Shell Case

If you're mom is a bit of a pink fan, then Mobi Products has cases than come in a nice light shade of pink. Available for both the Z10 and the Q10. The soft shell means its a flexible case, easily removable and it doesn't add much weight or bulk to the device. 

For more information / Purchase the Mobi Products Soft Shell Case Z10

Trident Aegis Case

If you have a mom that likes more rugged and bulky cases, the Trident Aegis Case comes in a variety of colours and will protect the device very well. With double layers, your mom's BlackBerry is sure to be protected from any drops.

For more information / Purchase the Trident Aegis Case

If you're mom is still proudly rocking a legacy there are plenty of cases available too. You can check out all the BlackBerry cases at Shop CrackBerry.

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Accessories - Bluetooth

Plantronics Voyager Pro HD

Plantronics Voyager Pro HD

If your mom prefers private in-car conversations then a Bluetooth headset would be better and the Plantronics Voyager Pro HD will give your mom comfort and high quality sound. It has Smart Sensor Technology and knows when it's being worn, it will even pause audio streaming when the headset is taken off the ear.

For more information / Purchase the Plantronics Voyager Pro HD

Jawbone JAMBOX

Jawbone JAMBOX

This Bluetooth speaker can be used anywhere. It's a lot bigger than the Mini Speaker but it can certainly be used around the house. Let your mom amplify the sounds from her BlackBerry while she's cooking, cleaning or even exercising. The JAMBOX gives out clear sounds and awesome bass.

For more information / Purchase the Jawbone JAMBOX

BlackBerry Mini Stereo Speaker

The BlackBerry Mini Stereo Speaker is an awesome portable Bluetooth speaker that can be taken anywhere. It's small but gives a lot of sound. What's more it can take calls from a BlackBerry device, so your mom could use it as an in-car speaker. Its design allows it to easily slot onto the car visor or even the seatbelt.

For more information / Purchase the BlackBerry Mini Stereo Speaker

We have a whole host of other Bluetooth accessories to use with a BlackBerry device so check them out at Shop CrackBerry.

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Accessories - Cradles, Batteries & Chargers

BlackBerry Charger Bundle for Z10

BlackBerry Charge Bundle

This is a must accessory. Especially, if your mom wants to go all day. As well as containing a spare battery, the bundle itself acts like a power juicer. So for times you want to top up without having to pull out and swap the battery, you just plug in the USB cable from the charger bundle into your device and your laughing.

For more information / Purchase the BlackBerry Charger Bundle for Z10

Mobi Products Desktop Charging Dock for Z10

If your mom likes to dock her device when at home or at night the why not get her a charging dock. Mobi Products recently released a dock for the Z10. However, there are charging docks available for other BlackBerry models too. You can browse them at Shop CrackBerry.

For more information / Purchase the Mobi Products Desktop Charging Cradle for Z10
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XGear World Travel Charger II

If your mom travels around a lot, abroad, then you should check out the XGear World Travel Charger. It comes with sockets compatible for use in the U.S., U.K., Europe and Australia. Would definitely come in handy for the BlackBerry Travel Mom.

For more information / Purchase the XGear World Travel Charger II



CB10 app

If your mom is rocking a BlackBerry 10 device, get this on her phone now, if it isn't already. She can catch up on all the latest and greatest BlackBerry news and even participate in forums chat too. Don't forget there is also access to our store so she can take a gander at accessories while on the go too.

For more information and to download the CB10 app


Cooklet app

For the mom that loves to cook. Cooklet is an awesome community based cooking app available for the PlayBook and BlackBerry 10. Your mom can share her own recipes with others and check out what others have to offer too. The BlackBerry 10 version is free while the PlayBook version is $0.99.

For more information and to download Cooklet

Happy Mom's Day Theme

While themes are no longer available for BlackBerry 10, with many moms still sporting a legacy BlackBerry device, you should take a look at the Happy Mom's Day Theme. It's perfect for the moms who love pink. With its cute design, it also allows you to choose your own wallpaper created just for the theme.

For more information and to purchase Happy Mom's Day Theme


Nobex app

If your mom loves to listen to the radio, Nobex gives her hundreds of radio stations on the palm of her hand. What's more in has a Podcasts section so she can also catch up on the latest CrackBerry podcasts too.

For more information and to download Nobex for BlackBerry 10
For more information and to download Nobex for legacy BlackBerry devices


Blaq app

If your moms a social media fan, of Twitter specifically, then why not get her Blaq for BlackBerry 10. With its smooth UI and awesome layout it's one of the best apps out there for BlackBerry 10.

For more information and to purchase Blaq for BlackBerry 10

That's our Mother's Day Gift Guide for 2013. Hope that it helps you out in picking the perfect gift for you mothers. If you have any other suggestions, sound off in the comments. Always great to hear your thoughts.