Best Running Apps

MobileFitEarlier this week we highlighted the best running apps on Windows Phone, iOS, Android and BlackBerry. All month we'll be looking at the top apps across a variety of categories related to fitness. Why? It's #MobileFit month! We're exploring the intersection of a healthy lifestyle and technology. When we posted those top rated running apps, we also included a poll for the various communities to select their favorite running apps. Those results are in. Here are the best running apps according to you.

To refresh your memory, here are the posts for each platform. Check them out to find a handful of great running apps for your mobile platform of choice:

In each of those posts, we had a poll where you, the Mobile Nations community, could vote on your favorite running app. Here are the winners, as determined by you:



Windows Phone


Congrats to Runkeeper and Endomondo on being the top running apps. Sound off in the comments on what makes these apps your favorites.

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