If you are into puzzle style games and want to take advantage of a great free BlackBerry 10 release you've come to the right place. Morph'em will certainly get the old brain matter working overtime and the game could well turn out to be extremely addictive, due to a combination of its glorious graphics and interesting game play. 

As you'll see from the video I give a demo of the initial intro when you use the game for the first time. Although this works perfectly fine, the reason behind it was that I tried playing the game and I am useless! I'm not surprised though as I tend to be rubbish at most puzzle games. 

Morph'em is all about finding suggested words on a cube. The cube is three dimensional so you'll have to rotate it using screen gestures to get a clear view of all the sides you need to see the word. Once you see it, you can draw a line through the letters, release your touch and if you get it right the word will turn green - spell it wrong it will switch to red.

If you need a hand along the way there are three tabs at the base of the screen which will offer up some help. You're also up against the clock so the pressure is pretty intense. 

The user interface with Morph'em is beautiful - starting from the menu screen. The pink, black and white colors look great and you'll notice animations in the background throughout. You can log into the game via Facebook or Scoreloop so sharing your achievements will be nice and easy. 

With it being free why not give it a go? You won't be any worse than me at it!

Gameplay principles:

  • Drag your finger to create words
  • Rotate the cube to find more words
  • Find the 6 bonus words to optimize your points
  • 3 powers-ups to use to help you beat your opponents
  • Complete statistics to check and improve your game
  • 55 trophies to unlock
  • A training mode to learn the game or to play offline  

Customize your game:

  • 24 color themes 
  • More than 100 avatar icons
  • Editable nickname

Morph'em is available for the BlackBerry Z30 and Z10 only at the time of publication.

*Update: Q10/Q5 support is now available*

More information/Download Morph'em for BlackBerry 10