The Moron Challenge

Going back in time a few months, we introduced a BlackBerry PlayBook game called The Moron Challenge. Like a Transformer, the game is more than meets the eye. While it may seem some levels are blatantly obvious, you may find yourself getting stuck on the over 120 steps it takes to traverse the accomplishments from Moron to Genius. If that`s not enough, the timer will prevent you from taking too much time on each puzzle. Of course, we looked at version 1.0.1 when we first talked about it. Since then, The Moron Challenge was updated to version 3.0 with new, trickier challenges, including famous quotes and Holiday season themed brain teasers. The Moron Challenge has three flavours that can be found; a free version or the $1.99 HD version for the BlackBerry PlayBook and a BlackBerry smartphone version for $0.99.

Recently, aBs jMicro SRL informed us that they hit their benchmark of 50 000 downloads. While congratulations are in order, they are not stopping there. Without skipping a beat, they`ve released the Famous Quotes level to their smartphone version as a free update. Only a moron would skip out on taking on new challenges.

Contest: We have 50 copies of The Moron Challenge for BlackBerry smartphones to giveaway. All you have to is leave a comment in the post to be entered. Contest ends Sunday, April 8th 2012, at Midnight PST.

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More information/download of The Moron Challenge FREE for the BlackBerry PlayBook
More information/download of The Moron Challenge HD for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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