Following the announcement that the BlackBerry 10 Launch Event will take place on January 30th, 2013, Research In Motion followed up with another media blitz, with executives and product managers getting out there to talk and show off BlackBerry 10.

We already rounded up the highlights of several of Thorsten Heins' written interviews yesterday. Following that up, here we're looking at couple of great video interviews with the BlackBerry's Chief.

My old cohort in crime Dieter Bohn did a great job sitting down with Thortsen Heins. Check out his video above for The Verge. And below you can catch Tim Stevens of Engadget talking to Thorsten as well.

I love watching Thorsten Heins give interviews. He's very comfortable, very knowledgeable and knows how to address questions in a way that RIM's former Co-CEOs just never could. He's a great face and leader for the company we all know and love so much!

Source: The VergeEngadget