More BIS 3.0 Rumors

It wasn't that long ago we heard rumors of BIS 3.0 and 3.1 coming our way soon and bringing with it, a bunch of highly anticipated changes. This time around, we're hearing from BBLeaks that there are a few more additions we can expect as well. 

  • Support For OpenOffice Documents - Presentations, Text documents and spreadsheets
  • Support for WMA (Windows Media Audio)
Support for OpenOffice is interesting to see. Not quite sure how much market space OpenOffice has for users but I've used it on occassion and can see why RIM would be adding it. As for WMA I have to question as to why this is even still unsupported? I honestly thought this was taken care of when WMV was added to the media player for videos. Granted, I don't get many WMA attachments but it seems like a lot of you all out there do so that will be a big improvement. Of course, these are just rumors at this time but rumors that make sense given what they bring to the platform.