Rogers Now With More Evil!

And here I thought Rogers was just passing along their $30 million dollar fubar onto Blackberry users. Seems that is not the case after all, Rogers is going after all their users with their latest revisions to hardware upgrades and pricing structures.

Also seems we are gonna be seeing a difference as to what promotions are gonna be available to new and existing users also, freedom of speech you say, Rogers wants to give you less for evidently more. Read on for the full details including what devices are nearing their EOL (End Of Life), you'll be interested in this even if you are NOT a Blackberry owner.

Here we have the price increases for 2G devices that are available for Rogers as you can see signing up for contracts is gonna cost you even more as of March 20th.

Rogers 2G Device Price Increases!

Rogers 3G Price Increases!

So maybe 2G devices are not of any interest to you, Rogers has jacked up the pricing on their 3G devices as well, the above picture displays what was and what now is for those devices in terms of pricing. 

Smart Phone Price Increases!

One of the hottest Non BlackBerry devices Rogers has to offer is the Nokia E71, a device which I have actually been considering picking up, that is until I found out the promotional pricing for the device is now no longer, previous promotional cost for the Nokia E71 was $99.99 now bumped to $149.99, if you act quick though Raido Shack may still be able to hook you up for $49.99. 

EOL Devices!

Here we have a list of what is coming to an end of availability on Rogers, I have to admit I was rather suprised to see the BlackBerry 8700 on this list and not so much at the same time. Sure it's not the newest BlackBerry thats for sure, but many,many people still love it.

And the final bit of Rogers news we have may make you think twice about signing up with Rogers, if you haven't already thought about it. When new customers signed up previously for a new 1,2,3 year contract they were given up to 3 months of unlimited calls as a signing bonus, as of April 7th this will no longer be available only the one month option will exist. However, the shining light here is that the 3 months of unlimited email and web borwing given to customers for 3 months remains unchanged for price plans over $25 be it on BlackBerry or iPhone.

All new pricing in effect as of yesterday unless otherwise indicated, thanks to all those who sent the information in.