CrackBerry Tip of the Day #1

Hide that language bug!

Puedo hablar (más o menos) dos idiomas, español e ingles. En éste mundo, es una buena habilidad de tener. Usualamente escribo a maqunina en ingles; pero a veces, necesito usar español en mi BlackBerry... Oops.

I really do speak two languages, conversationally at least. I may miss a verb conjugation here and there, but I'm not bad at it. I'll put it this way: I can think in Spanish. Like many in our worldwide audience I have more than one language installed on my BlackBerry. The Spanish alphabet has more letters than English; so I need the other language for those extra characters and accents. Typically, I'll switch to Spanish for a few messages and then switch back to English.

Very helpfully, the BlackBerry lets me know what language I'm using when typing. It puts a little black box in the corner representing the selected language. It does this all the time, and it's what is supposed to happen. For me though, that little EN is unnecessary and annoying. I know what language I'm using, I don't need to be reminded each time I type an email!

It's a trivial annoyance, I know; but if it annoys me, it probably annoys someone else. Here's how to turn that off. Open your options menu; choose Typing and Input, then Languages. Scroll down to the bottom where you'll see Display Icon. Select Hide from the drop-down list. No more annoying black box. Again, I know it's a minor annoyance. But for some reason, it annoys me all the more knowing a just a minor tweak will make it all go away.

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