More mocks, memes and an improved UI arrive in the latest MockIt! beta update

MockIt! users, you have an update. The first non-BlackBerry built app that made its way into BlackBerry Beta Zone has been updated to Beta 3. In this MockIt! update there are more mocks available, as well as memes. You'll also find some UI changes and a new icon. There is also the introduction of favorites where you can sticky any memes or mocks to make them easier to find and use.

Other additions include Share To and Open In MockIt options for memes. 

New features in Beta 3

  • More mocks!
  • More memes!
  • New icon!
  • Much improved UI/UX
  • Ability to stick / favorite memes and mocks so they are easy to find in the lists (Note: Users can reset their favorites and revert the lists back to defaults in the help section)
  • New meme editing UI
  • Registered with BlackBerry invocation framework so users can "share to" and "open in" MockIt (for Memes only)
  • Added one time tutorial splash screen when users first visit the meme editor

Also, if you took part in the search last time in Beta 2, there is another Easter egg to find. No hints will be coming from the developer this time. If you have part of the MockIt! beta program, just open up the Beta Zone app and look for the update. 

Take in MockIt! beta via BlackBerry Beta Zone