Rogers Bold - MSRP: $649.99

Last week we dropped word that the BlackBerry Bold will hit Rogers with a $399.99 / 3 year term contract price. Following up on that news, it's looking like the off-contract price is coming in at a comparitively (almost alarmingly) low $649.99. If this holds true, I for one will be buying this bad boy from Rogers without contract, and I have a feeling a lot of CrackBerry Addicts south of the border may soon be doing the same if the AT&T wait becomes unbearable. 

THIS IS THE WEEK that the BlackBerry Bold has been rumored to arrive for sale at Rogers. BUT...there have also been rumors that the release is being delayed yet again. My fingers are still crossed that I can purchase one this week, but I won't actually get excited until I can walk into a Rogers outlet and see it with my own eyes.

[ via BBNews ]