BlackBerry PlayBook Staples Training March 30th

When we first heard news of the BlackBerry PlayBook being sold at Staples locations, their plans for employee training were set for March 16th. Some new details today from more internal docs shows that training modules for the PlayBook are scheduled for availability on March 30th. The training modules are made available to employees before a product launch. What does this mean? Hard to say for sure really. According to the print, employees will have up to 30 days from the course launch date for completion. So that being said, doing the math that puts the Staples launch date no sooner than April 29th. That doesn't necessarily mean the PlayBook won't launch before then, just that Staples most likely won't see it any earlier. The same most likely goes for Office Depot as well. I guess we'll see if the April 10th rumor still holds true (for those that say it won't launch on a Sunday - don't forget both the Tour and Style showed up on a Sunday). 

Via: Droid-Life