Compliments of BlackBerry 

Everyone loves free applications, right? The good folks at RIM are back at it again with another round of Compliments of BlackBerry applications available through BlackBerry App World. Running from now through May 31st, you can download great applications such as BeWeather, Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro, Fixmo Tools, Screen Muncher and many others -- all for free. The apps are an incentive for current or new BlackBerry users to upgrade to a BlackBerry 7 device, and are unfortunately only available for US customers. Along with the BlackBerry Smartphone applications, RIM has also included Modern Combat and Asphalt 6 which both run on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

This free batch of applications will require BlackBerry OS 7 and above unfortunately, so not everyone will benefit. If you have a BlackBerry 7 device or a BlackBerry PlayBook, you will certainly want to hit the link below and check out these great free applications for yourself. Be sure to hop into the forums and let us know which applications you picked up and let's all be sure to thank RIM for this awesome deal!

Note: The free apps are only available for the US.

More information and to download Compliments of BlackBerry Apps