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Share the Love and Win BlackBerry Giveaway!

Share The Love & Win Overview:

Valentine's Day is all about Sharing the Love, but nowhere is it stated that you're only allowed to share your love for people! So this year, we are giving the chance to reward you for Sharing The Love of the two things we love most: BlackBerry Smartphones and!

We've added a cool little referral module to Be a member, login to the site, and use the Referral Page to tell others to join For every person you contact who visits the site and becomes a registered member, you'll get a ballot into our Grand Prize draw. And because we're Sharing The Love, the new member you referred will automatically receive their own ballot to win the Big Prize too.

But because it takes the effort of two to get a ballot into this giveaway, if one of you wins you BOTH win. Each ballot will also have the name of the person you referred or who referred you, your "CrackBerry Mate", on it and there's a prize for the winning "CrackBerry Mate" too! The more you Share the Love, the better your chances of winning!

And just so it's not all up to chance, we're also going to give the member who grows the community the most, by referring the most new members to the site, a $100 in Accessories from our store. Good Luck!

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  • Grand Prize - a NEW BlackBerry (preferably the winner picks Red or Pink!)
  • CrackBerry Mate Prize - $200 to spend in the store on Accessories!
  • Top Referrer Prize - $100 in Accessories from goes to the member who "Shares the Most Love" by referring the most new registered members to the site

Draw Times:

  • Entry Closes at 12 Midnight PST on February 14th
  • Winners will be announced around noon, February 15th

How to Win:

Registered Members 

  1. Visit our Share The Love Refferal Page. You'll need to be logged in. Not a Registered Member? You can Register Here.
  2. Enter the email addresses of the family, friends, co-workers and BlackBerry using colleagues you think would benefit from becoming a member of Referred members don't have to own a BlackBerry, but it's better that they really, really would like to own/win one! Don't know the benefits of joining Click Here to find out!
    1. Note: You can send up to 20 Emails at a Time Max.
    2. Tip: Send 1 referral email at a time, and customize the default message for the receiver.
  3. An email will be sent to the email addresses you have specified, with each invitation email containing a link to to join For every person you emailed who acts on the invitation and registers at you each will gain a ballot in our Grand Prize draw (and you become "BlackBerry Mates"). Refer 10 new members to and your name will be entered into the draw 10 times.

Referred Members

  1. Receive a referral email from an existing member? Simply click the link on the email and register with and you are entered into the draw for a chance to win the Grand Prize!
  2. Want more chances to win? Now that you're a member, "Share the Love" and refer more new members to and you will gain more ballots into the draw.

Checking Your Referrals

You can check how many ballots you have in the draw at anytime by checking out your  Current Referrals (who has accepted your invitation and joined To do this:

  1. Make sure you are logged into site
  2. Go to the "My Account" page (right hand corner of the main menu once you are logged in).
  3. Click the the "Current Referrals!" link (has a heart beside it)
  4. Each Referral you have is one ballot into the Grand Prize draw, and each of the username's shown is your "CrackBerry Mate" on that ballot

Remember, if you were referred to, your name is automatically in the draw. So if you just joined the site from a referral email received, your Current Referrals page will not show any referrals (you were the one referred), but don't worry, your name is in the draw! Start referring new members to the site to increase your chances of winning!


If you have any questions, visit our Share The Love Valentine's Contest thread in the CrackBery Forums. 


  • will pay for shipping expense on all physical prizes. If outside the United States, winner will be responsible for any duties/taxes.
  • Within North America, if the prize won is a new BlackBerry Smartphone, the winner may choose the Carrier and Model of the phone. If outside of North America, the winner will receive an Unlocked GSM-based BlackBerry of choice from either AT&T or T-Mobile.
  • The Invitation Email uses a Cookie to record your referral. If the member clicks your link, but browses around the site before ultimately registering, your referral will still be recorded at the time they register.
  • Smartphone Experts and Employees not elgible to win. Volunteers to the site can participate as it's Valentine's and everyone gets to Share in the Love.
  • IP Addresses of the New Members you refer are logged. Don't refer yourself a bunch of times over as this will be tracked and any repeat accounts removed. Members creating multiple accounts is against site policies, and any offences will be investigated. It's a legit Share the Love contest, do it Legit. CUPID IS WATCHING YOU :-)
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