I have made it a habit the last few weeks to check out eBay for BlackBerry goodies, and sure enough more have turned up for the upcoming BlackBerry Z30. In addition to the leather holster, pocket pouch and and transform shell we've seen already, some third party cases have now turned up as well. 

Spotted today are the two variants of bumper cases for the Z30, both in a large variety of colors. The cases are third-party ones from China but it's still good to see a few available already as it means a launch is (hopefully) right around the corner. 

I'm digging the bumper cases already. I'm not a big fan of full case on my Z10 so I can image the Z30 will leave me much of the same, so a bumper may be a good way to go for some added protection. 

You can check out both cases in the gallery above or hit the links below for more info.

Soft TPU Gel Thin Bumper Frame Case
Ultra-thin Soft TPU Rubber Bumper Frame Case