As we saw previously, getting the BlackBerry Z10 hooked up to an in-vehicle Bluetooth system and making use of Voice Control isn't very difficult. Michael sent us in a video a while back and noted that a Voice Control contact showed up when he was connected to his car's Bluetooth system. 

Chatting with Dave a bit last night during our CrackBerry party, he told me that this option can work for anyone with an in-car Bluetooth setup by using a number to dial in to the Z10 and get instant access to Voice Control. By dialing 999-555-1234 while connected in a vehicle (which is the same number that appeared in Michael's contact list) the Z10 activates Voice Control and is at your command. 

Interestingly enough, dialing the number on it's own results in an incomplete call - so it looks like you have to be connected to Bluetooth in a vehicle for this to work. 

In any case - if you have an integrated Bluetooth system in your car then give this a go and report back. Just another great way to make use of the BlackBerry Z10 on the road (along with these great apps for driving). 

Thanks Dave!