App Store Details...

I just received the latest BlackBerry Developer newsletter and inside was a link to a new BlackBerry application storefront FAQ that answers many of the questions that have been lingering. You'll want to check out the FAQ for full details, but here are some of the keypoints I found most interesting:

  • NO THEMES - The initial BlackBerry app store will not support the selling of themes. Definitely a bummer to all the theme developers out there. So devs, keep pouring them into our CrackBerry App Store!
  • WEB APPS - You will be able to submit web apps into the app storefront by submitting the launcher (that opens the web browser and takes you to the web page). Looks like will have to sign up now so we can get our CrackBerry launcher in there! Web Signals will also be supported.
  • DEVELOPER FEE STRUCTURE - Developers will have to pay $200 for every 10 apps submitted to the store. The goal here is to absorb some of RIM's costs with approving apps and ensure developers are submitting quality apps. For developers who are selling apps this shouldn't be too big of a deal - my guess is they'll make that back in a jiffy. But what about all the developers who want to submit FREE apps?! Charging a developer to give something away doesn't seem quite right. I'm sure there's more to this... or maybe I'm just not reading something correctly.
  • SUPPORT - It looks like application technical support will all go back to the developer. The reach of the app store will be pretty big, so developers need to make sure their apps are intuitive and bug free... or else they're going to get bogged down in support.
  • PRICING TIERS - The app store will support four currencies at launch - CDN, USD, GBP and EUROS. Pricing will be consistent between currencies, so if you submit an app for sale in USD, RIM will automatically convert the price to the other currencies.

For more info, you can check out the BlackBerry Developer Newsletter, listen to latest Open Mike with Mike Kirkup, visit the Application Storefront FAQ and watch this video that walks you through the developer sign-up process.