BlackBerry 9300 Javelin

* Updated Note: When I first blogged this I totally forgot about the device model name games that have been going on... I referred to the Javelin as the '9300' but '8900' and '8301' have been tossed around lately too (I think 8900 is now where it's at). I'll just refer to it as the codename 'Javelin' to be safe. My bad. Sorry about that!! *

If you're not dreaming of the BlackBerry Bold, 'ThunderStorm' or KickStart when you lie in bed at night, odds are it's the  Javelin that's dancing through your head. We've seen quite abitoftheJavelin in the past few weeks, and these new images (more after the jump!) further clarify and confirm the details.

Items of note:
  • 512 MHz Processor
  • 256 MB onboard flash memory (more room for apps)
  • Hot-swappable microSD slot - located under the battey door
  • 480 by 360 high-res HVGA+ display
  • 3.2MP camera
  • Micro USB charging/syncing port, w/ high speed data

Keep in mind the date on the screen caps above as you check out these images - May 21st...though May 21st, 2008 was a Wednesday and not a Tuesday! Poining being, while these images are new to the net, they may be "older" than some of the live devices we have recently seen in the wild. These images make me wonder whether the final release keyboard buttons will be green or red?! 

All in all this going to be one nice little device - no 3G, but at least it will have both WiFi and GPS. With all of these new BlackBerry smartphones hitting the market over the next few months, the tough question people will be stuck pondering is not what smartphone to buy, but which BlackBerry to buy?! I can't decide!!!

BlackBerry Javelin

BlackBerry Javelin