Monster Truck Hero for BlackBerry 10 (Z10 only at the time of writing) brings some fast paced racing action to your smartphone. Your mission is just to get to the end of each course and collect as many stars as you can along the way. In addition there is cash you can pick up as well as nitro to give you an extra boost. 

Control wise this thing is a piece of cake. On the right of the display is your gas pedal and on the left are two arrow tabs to tilt your truck. There's also three different views available, although viewing the truck side on is by far the easiest. As you speed over jumps and through hoops you can use the tilt tabs to perform flips which will earn you some extra points. 

Your truck can explode if you land on your roof but that's actually quite hard to do - most times it will roll back onto its wheels which helps. At the end of each level you'll see your score for that round as well as being shown two leader boards - one with the top scores and one with the quickest times. 

If you fancy tweaking the design of the truck you can do that by jumping into the garage. Here you'll also have access to a few other trucks but they need to be unlocked in order for you to drive them. 

Each level has a different background so you get some nice variation there, along with varying obstacles to smash through. Whether you are into monster trucks or not the game is a load of fun. The graphics are not the best we've seen but the game play is pretty flawless which is the most important thing for me. 

There is one downside which I discovered and that's with the price. Monster Truck Hero costs £1.50/$1.99 - yet when I checked in the Google Play store there is a free version too for Android users. A shame us BlackBerry dudes don't have that option. 

Full features of the game include: 

  • Race full speed in 15 different beautiful destructible environments: nothing can stop you! 
  • Real physics powered by the Nvidia Physx engine! 
  • Customize your monster trucks the way you want it! 
  • Become the best: Compete in the international leaderboards
  • Find the hidden collectibles, eat muffins, reach the stars and unlock all achievements! 
  • Use your Nitro Boost for insane speeds and even more mayhem! 
  • Use Rocket Boosts for an awesome sky high experience! • - Drive wild with 10 music tracks by famous djs! 
  • Stunning visual effects! • - Crazy track designs with loops, fire traps, stone boulders and more!

Download Monster Truck Hero for BlackBerry 10