As far as I am concerned there is nothing better than finding a great, fun game for the PlayBook that is free and Monster Dash is just that.

The plot is simple. You control an elite soldier who runs from left to right and as well as jumping over obstacles you must shoot the bad guys that are out to get you. With your lives shown as hearts on the top right of the screen you can pick up more along the way but fall down a hole and it is game over. In terms of weapons there are a selection to collect along the way. The flame-thrower is a personal favourite of mine.

One extra thing about the game I love is that with each new game you get a different background and also the enemies change. On one level you are up against Mummies! Not your mom sort but the ones with bandages!

And that's about it. Simple, great graphics and sound, and free. What more do you need. Go grab the download from the link below. Go on, what you waiting for?

More information/Download Monster Dash for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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