When it comes to BlackBerry you can't get much more of a traditional game than Brick Breaker. Now we have BlackBerry 10 though there are some modern versions of the game and Monsta Brick Breaker is one I found and fell in love with. 

Within the game there are three 'worlds' you can play in - Castles Tower, Space Bricks and Classic Breaker. All offer up the same experience just with different scenery and music. As you would expect, using touch controls you control your monster who must destroy all the bricks in the level. In addition there are coins to be collected which can be used to upgrade your monster, and there's also power-ups that will fall from the bricks to help you on your quest. 

The graphics are bright and crisp and game play is as smooth as you would expect. Monsta Brick Breaker is available for all BlackBerry 10 handsets and comes with a price tag of £0.75/$0.99 which is good value is you ask me.

You'll also be able to see how your friends are getting on with the game thanks to Scoreloop, so jump into BlackBerry 'Games' and give someone a challenge. 

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