Monsta Brick Breaker and Monopoly - Day 21 of BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts

My, my, it's almost Christmas. Time really goes by quickly. Seems like only yesterday when this 25 day giveaway began and here we are at day 21. I must admit I have liked the selection we have been given on the whole. While I haven't had space for all the games, I shall go back and check them out again soon. 

So, what does day 21 have in store for us? Well, two games are on offer, depending on your device. So, please use the 25 Days of Gifts banner in BlackBerry World. We have Monopoly for BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 owners and Monsta Brick Breaker for BlackBerry Z30 and Q5 owners. It doesn't seem to be region specific but please check BlackBerry World to make sure. If you have something different, hit us up in the comments or the forums.

Today's free download also seems to be showing up a little later than usual for some regions, so please wait a bit if it's not showing or refresh BlackBerry World. Some people have had luck with a device reboot, too.

For the full list so far, check out the original post. When you see tomorrow's free gift you can hit up the forums and let us know there.

Learn more / Download Monopoly for BlackBerry Z10 and Q10
​Learn more / Download Monsta Brick Breaker for BlackBerry Z30 and Q5