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Limited Edition BlackBerry Bold 970 from Selfridges

Not sure what to get the person who already has too much for Christmas this year? You may want to check out the Exclusive Limited Edition Bill Amberg BlackBerry Bold 9780 collection, available from Selfridges this December. Here's the official word on them:

To celebrate the launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 luxury leather designer Bill Amberg has created a BlackBerry collection which will be sold exclusively at Selfridges London from 1 December.

The 60 limited edition Bill Amberg sets, priced at £1000 each, include a BlackBerry Bold 9780, a backplate and sleek matching leather case and are available in six unique colour ways - yellow on black, orange on black, red on black, pink on white, blue on white and green on white.

To get hold of an iconic BlackBerry Bold 9780 designed by Bill Amberg head to the Technology Hall on the Lower Ground Floor from 1 December.

I gotta say, as much as I'm a sucker for the notion of limited edition swiss mechanical watches, somehow the concept of seeing 1/10 or 5/10 on the back of a smartphone doesn't quite yield the same sort of emotion for me. The two-tone battery doors are pretty hawt though. It would be nice to see an accessory manufacturer do up something similar in that $15 - $30 price range. More info and images at the link below. Thanks to Dave for sending this in!

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