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Debug 11: Don Melton and WebKit and Safari
Iterate 43: Pocket Casts and going Android first

Confirmed: Nexus 4 shipping with updated design
The Google Watch with Google Now - A wearable computer for the present
Ouya consoles now shipping to Kickstarter backers 

CrackBerry Vodcast 002: Better than expected!
Thorsten Heins brings BlackBerry back in black
BBM Stress Apr 1st  at 12 Noon EDT. Be there!!

Best Buy offering prepaid Verizon Palm Pre 2 contract-free for $51.99
Prevent autodial with No Call patches

T-Mobile USA to begin selling iPhone on April 12 for $99, no contract
AT&T vs Verizon vs T-Mobile vs Sprint: Which iPhone 5 carrier should you choose?
iMore live at GDC 2013

    Microsoft releasing Temple Run and five more games today for Windows Phone 8
    AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 1308 firmware update is now available
    Which countries is Windows Phone outselling the iPhone?


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