When it comes to action packed combat games you can't really get better than the Modern Combat series. Gameloft have released the above teaser trailer for the game and as you would expect, it looks absolutely amazing. The only downside I noticed is that at the end of the movie it shows the icons for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Now I know that Gameloft have been very pro BlackBerry 10 in the past and I certainly hope this isn't going to change. It is quite possible that the other three platforms will get the game first and us BlackBerry users will have to wait a wee bit longer, which is a shame, but good things come to those who wait.

We were lucky enough to get Modern Combat 4 on both the PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 devices. If the same happens again I'll be over the moon as I much prefer playing this style of game on a tablet. But with the PlayBook losing support from BlackBerry I'm not too sure this will be the case.

In the meantime why don't we all Tweet @gameloft and let them know that the BlackBerry nation needs Modern Combat 5? Go, go, go!