While BlackBerry had their pimped up Bentley on stage at BlackBerry Live showing off its amazing BlackBerry 10 integration, the hottest BB10-friendly car at the Orlando event was actually sitting in the parking lot behind the venue plugged into a charging station.

Of course, we're talking about the super fast, super sexy and environmentally friendly Tesla Model S, which thanks to the Model S for BlackBerry app gives owners a ton of control over their Model S right from their Z10 or Q10. 

Tesla officially offers a Model S mobile app for iOS and Android, but since it didn't appear they were in a rush to build one for BlackBerry 10, Mobile Nations' CEO Marcus Adolfsson took the initiative on this one to code it up himself. And yes, that's the same weekend warrior coder that wrote our award-winning CB10 app. Marcus wrote Model S for BlackBerry 10 in a weekend (about 26 hours of actual coding time), and the app according to many Tesla owners is said to be as good and even better than its official counterparts on iOS and Android.  


Model S for BlackBerry Features

With Model S for BlackBerry you can check the status of your Tesla S and control it right from your BlackBerry 10 phone:

  • Battery Level and Range remaining (ideal, rated, estimated)
  • Vehicle Status (Opened Doors etc)
  • Lock and Unlock Doors Sunroof (Close, Vent, Open)
  • Climate Control (Set temp, On/Off)
  • Honk Horn, Flash Light
  • Charging Status
  • Charge time remaining
  • Charging data (volt, amps)
  • Car Location on Map
  • Active Frame that shows Battery Level when app is minimized

It's a feature rich app that any Model S + BlackBerry 10 phone owner needs to have. To use the app, owners need a My Tesla account linked to their car, and the Mobile Access setting enabled in the car.

Tesla owners probably would be willing to pay a more than a few $$ for the convenience offered by this one, but since it's an unofficial app and it was built out of love, the price is FREE! Even better, knowing that not everybody is going to own a Model S, the app features a demo mode so you can download the app and it tap around and play pretend.


Be sure to watch the video above to see Model S for BlackBerry in action (and to drool over the sexy car). And from there you can hit up BlackBerry World at the link below to download. Be sure to give it a 5 star rating!

Download Model S for BlackBerry for the Q10 and Z10 in BlackBerry World