I'm going to keep this post short, purely as MockIt which appeared recently in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for BB10 devices is clearly unfinished and awaiting feedback from beta testers. Hopefully this process won't take too long as it's a pretty sweet application from OSBB Code Labs. 

As you'll see in the video, MockIt (currently) has three sections - Memes, Device Mocks and Pic Frames (coming soon). The Memes category provides a list of images that will allow you overlay text both above and below the picture and also in a choice of three sizes. Great for comedy pictures! 

The part I like best though is the Device Mocks. Here you can choose your BlackBerry 10 smartphone and then insert any image from your device into it so it appears on the screen of the mock up BlackBerry. In addition, there are a choice of backgrounds available which you can see a few examples of below.

A very promising application. After the recent BBM beta release it seems that this Beta Zone is rocking. Keep 'em coming!

Download the BlackBerry Beta Zone for BlackBerry 10