BlackBerry Mobile Visor

I seriously can't wait to the read the comments to this post. I'm not sure what to think.

The folks at NewPCGadgets have released a unique product for Blackberry called the Mobile Visor. I think the picture itself is worth a thousand words, but here's the official verbage on it:

The Mobile Visor is the perfect solution for those times when it's difficult to see your BlackBerry screen due to glare from the sun or bright lights. The Mobile Visor also provides privacy by blocking others from viewing your screen. The Mobile Visor stores flat when not in use and is approximately the same size as a credit card. Easily stores in your wallet or purse making it easy to carry with you. Quickly attaches and removes with a universal elastic band. At $8.95 the Mobile Visor promises to improve your productivity when using your BlackBerry.

You can click the image above for more product photos. So now for the two big questions.... 1. Would you use this??? and 2. Should we start stocking this in the good 'ole store? :-)

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