Out in San Francisco, iMore rocked the town for WWDC 2016, where Apple came out with a refined and bolder vision for iOS 10, a smarter and Siri-er macOS Sierra, a rethinking of all the frustrations of the Apple Watch, and much more.

Normally when you announce a new product, you don't also announce the next version of that product. But that's what Microsoft did with the Xbox One S — an impressively slimmed down and improved version of the current Xbox One coming latter this summer — and the 4K gaming VR-capable Project Scorpio due until late 2017. And if there's one other thing we took away from E3, it's that VR is here and the major players in gaming are investing heavily.

OnePlus is back with their latest flagship phone: the OnePlus 3, and it's a darned impressive phone. Not just that, we're also relieved that OnePlus has decided to drop the frustrating and gimmicky invites system and is just listing them on their store to buy right away.

Tesla's ramp-up to the Model 3 late next year continues, and they hit the 2,000-vehicles-a-week mark recently on their way — though there's still a lot of growth to do. And to get their cars in front of more customers, Tesla's trying something different: they're putting a Tesla Store inside a Nordstrom in LA.

Oh, and Microsoft went and bought LinkedIn for $26 billion. Because why not?