So you've read the Samsung Galaxy S7 reviews and you're wondering if you should go buy one. Well, here's some more data to help inform your decision: should you get the standard S7 or the S7 edge? Should an S6 owner upgrade to the S7?? Is the Galaxy S7 camera really the best? And should you just wait for the Note 6?

The past two weeks have been all Samsung, but things are about to get crazy with an Apple event on March 21st. What are are we expecting there? Probably the 4-inch iPhone SE, a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, software updates, and maybe a few cutting references to the fight between Apple and the FBI.

But if Windows is more your thing, it was a big week on the mobile front with the full public roll-out of Windows 10 Mobile. A total of 18 different phones got the update, but owners of some lower-end and older high-profile devices were left out in the cold. And in big app news, Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile arrived, bringing a bunch of long-awaited features to the mobile platform.

Now, that's not everything — not by a long shot. Keep going for more of this edition of Mobile Nations Weekly!