BlackBerry Priv and Passport

The team's on their way to Barcelona right now… but the news from MWC 2016 doesn't kick off until Sunday. There'll be plenty from them next week, so here's what happened this week!

The long-awaited cloud-centric Android-powered Nextbit Robin landed and was reviewed, revealing a device with compelling hardware and a unique solution that leverages the cloud to expand app storage dramatically. But the big news is coming next week, with the impending unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G5, among other things.

But the big news of the week came on the front of taking a stand, with Apple refusing to provide the FBI with the tools needed to unlock the iPhone that belonged to a terrorist. Their refusal isn't about terrorism — Apple CEO Tim Cook condemned the attacks — but a matter of maintaining the privacy of all iPhone users. Apple's not alone in the fight, with a number of tech leaders, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others lining up in support of Apple its users, and by extension their own users. This case isn't about a single iPhone — it's about setting precedent for maintaining or compromising the security of every mobile device.