BlackBerry Passport and Priv

The whole Android world is looking ahead for Google I/O 2016. Google's already unveiled and released a preview of Android N, so it's anybody's guess what exactly they'll have on tap. VR? Smart speakers? Self-driving dirigibles? Tune in next week to find out!

As for Apple, there was a brouhaha over a supposed Apple Music bug that was deleting locally-stored music, but Apple says that is an iTunes bug, but they're not even sure that it's actually a bug. But, to discuss things like that and everything else in Apple's business, iMore has a brand new podcast: Apple Talk. Joining hosts Michael Gartenberg, Serenity Caldwell, and Rene Ritchie for the first episode: none other than John Gruber of Daring Fireball.

Microsoft has released yet another update to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update Developer Preview, this time building out support for Ink and pulling a few lesser-used features at the same time. Also, be sure to check out Windows Central's reviews of Superhot for Xbox and Hitman Episode 2

After losing two senior executives, Tesla's made a big hire: bringing on the Audi exec in charge of the A4, A5, and Q5 as the new Tesla VP of Vehicle Production — he has a huge challenge in ramping up for the Model 3. And despite what you might have read on Facebook, lithium extraction is much cleaner than oil sands.

All of that and much much more inside this edition of Mobile Nations Weekly!